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Kick Start Your Radio Career. Get Social

January 25, 2018


From Donald Trump to the Queen of England, Paris Hilton to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the world and indeed his wife, are putting themselves out there in the social media domain.


 Radio is no exception and listeners have to come to expect that they can also follow, watch and interact with their favourite presenters in an instant via social media platforms. 

This also means presenters get to talk directly to their listeners, and listen to their response that they can plan their programming giving the listeners exactly what their looking for. No need for expensive marketing studies.  Bonus!


What does this mean for budding presenters?


The great news is that with a relatively simple understanding of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter you can start to build your listenership and interact with them even before you’ve got your big break in the industry, and yes as fickle as it may sound the size of your social media following does count.


But before we get crazy carried away with Hashtags, Vlogs, blogs, and Tweets we should consider if there are any hard and fast rules for social media.  A quick google search led to the discovery of a website called dumbest tweets ever, if you’re curious you can check it out here http://dumbesttweets.tumblr.com/ - be warned, the content lives up to the website’s name.  Whilst some celebrities have made a name by saying the wrong thing, social media used badly can make or break your radio career, and taint a reputation.  Not good.

So, have a read of the tips below on how to build your social media profile to support your media career


1.  Know what social media your listeners use most.  This doesn’t require fancy market research, but rather some thought by you.  Ask yourself these questions.

What type of person would like to listen to your show?

What are their interests, likes and dislikes?

What radio content do they listen to?

 And yes, you’ve guessed it, what social media do they use? And Bingo – that’s the platform you need to be visible on.


2.  Chose platforms you can manage and access easily.  Be realistic, interacting on social media can be time consuming, and having to jump from one platform to another may not be the best use of your time.  Check out some platforms that can be linked, so with one quick update you’ve killed two birds with one stone


3.  Update regularly and keep content fresh.  Give your followers a reason to keep following. 


4. Engage with your followers.  Remember this is about interaction to promote you as a presenter, and presenting is all about having a listenership.  If people feel you’re not listening to them or they can’t connect with you, they’ll switch off……Their radios as well as their minds


5.  Monitor your content wisely, and don’t update your status just for the sake of it.  Have something to say, and say it.  Remember that they are connecting with you as a radio personality, with that comes certain role model responsibilities, and so your content should be friendly and professional.


These are just some tips to get you started.  If you’d like to explore this some more you can contact RAPP by dropping them a message on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/radioactiveproductionspublishing


These training gurus have been doing their thing in sound and radio training for over a decade, and really know their business.




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