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When engaging with Lebo in conversation for the first time, you may find yourself having a strangely familiar feeling that you've heard this voice before. 

You wouldn't be wrong. 

Lebo has been lending her voice to the radio industry for some time, her credits include being a regular guest on national stations such as Umhlobo Wenene, voice over artist for radio campaigns, as well as MC work and motivational speaking engagements throughout South Africa.

What sets Lebo apart from other presenters is the women behind the voice, her passion for life and for connecting with people, which she does with great ease.

Her strong faith and can do attitude have allowed her to be successful in many roles which include, broadcast and live sound as well as being a role model, mentor and ambassador for young women.

Lebo embodies all that is feminine, but is never afraid of getting her hands dirty, with a work ethic that would make guys blush.

Self-confessed daddy’s girl, Lebo brings fire with finesse to the industry in programming guaranteed to get you thinking