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Established to provide a platform to showcase radio excellence, The Wireless is an online radio station that exists to get people connected.

Initially starting the station for the purposes of training, the vision and aim of  The Wireless has grown to encompass profiling business, srtists, presenters and producers and provides high quality programming with a rich variety of broadcast content.  This has provided an environment of  promote, nurture, grow.  No matter what stage radio staff are at when they join the station, there is an environment for the newbies and experienced alike

 Unlike conventional radio stations The Wireless programming, is unique in that it is designed not only to reach a specific audience, but to profile the presenters , producers and businesses that create it.  What better way to build your online presence, than with the support of radio industry experts, and a platform readily provided.


With the old adage, "you're only as good as your last show" talent on The Wireless is nurtured through continued production support and by providing a platform for presenters and producers a chance to get recognised and promoted


Powered by DSNET incorporating Net Dynamics listeners of ‘The Wireless’ can expect cutting edge programming across the board from niche shows to mainstream topics. 

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