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Radio Active - A team you can Trust

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

If you've landed on this blog page because you want to be in radio, then you've come to the right place. The best foundation you can create for your radio career, is to marry knowledge with practical and ensure you have an all round understanding of the radio industry at large.

Having a great voice, may get your foot in the door, but what about content, understanding copyright, music compiling and the tech side of the studio, which will help to make you sound better. The more tools you have the better and more valuable you will be.

But how do you decide where to go to learn radio as a whole?

Radio Active Productions Publishing, has not only been training for over a decade, they boast all their lecturers have actively working in the industry

So, who are these people I hear you ask, and how come I've never heard of them. The RAPP team have been quietly going about their business of training, and production for the past 14 years, and although they may not sing and shout about it, they boast an extensive list of credentials, and many graduates succeeding in industry jobs. You can check out more information on themin our in the spotlight blogs.

All Radio Active Productions Publishing courses are fully accredited with MICT seta.

All facilitators and lecturers at RAPP are actively working in the industry, so learners get a wealth of expertese to draw from


Radio Active Productions Publishing has been recognsied by SAQA as a quality training partner and ensures that learners graduating from courses are work ready. This has led to seeing many RAPP graduates taking up significant positions in the media industry

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