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Radio Adverts. Top Tips for creating them

Having worked in the media industry on various award-winning campaigns for well over a decade; I’m using today’s blog to offer you some tips for producing top notch commercial radio ads.

Probably the most crucial part of a radio advert is the voice. Not everyone who has a good natural voice is suited for radio advertising; and the right voice with the right delivery on a great script, is what sets excellent adverts apart from mediocre adverts.

A radio ad at its best is often referred to as theater for the mind. The advert captures the listeners’ imagination and draws them in. A far as possible, don’t settle for mediocrity, an ‘everyday’ voice reading text/script over background music may be a radio stations way to offer lower advertising rates but remember your ad must be compelling. A professional or specifically trained voice artist will give you that edge, which will set the radio advert apart from the others.

It pays to invest the time required to create good radio ad content to begin with. One of the greatest strengths of radio is its ability to touch listeners on emotional level.

When working with the voice over artists and scripts, here are a few pointers to bring out the best vocal performance for the ad:

· Strong beginning. Every second in an advert is precious, especially those at the beginning. Write copy that involves, or engages the listener right from the beginning.

· Words are important in adverts. Use sensory-laden, emotional or empowering words to really impact the emotional reaction of the consumer/listener.

· The spoken word is powerful, and in some instances, more emotionally potent than picture.

· Ensure in the copy that there is effective advertiser branding. Mentioning the brand multiple times is a good start. In addition, find emotional ways to link the brand to the listener.

· Time in adverts is valuable, so use it wisely. Ensure that the advert doesn’t just start well, but is consistent in sustaining interest throughout!

· Allow the voice artist to talk at a steady space. Remember the listener typically only has 30 seconds to grasp what’s being said. A too long script will sound rushed and unclear in delivery. Your listener will disengage or ‘switch off’.

· When writing the script, remember that too much information or complicated pronunciation of words will just confuse your listener and in the end, the advert will sound rushed.

· A common mistake that inexperienced copywriters make is that they write to the pace people read. Write to the pace people talk, not to the pace at which they read.

· Include pauses. People need time to think, and the announcer needs time to breathe.

· Don't use incomprehensible jingles. Make sure that the music or vocal fits the brand.

· Use appropriate mood music backing. Check tempo, and style is suitable for what is being said. If you are uncertain, then work with an experienced production crew. Investment into the right experienced, professional production team to handle radio advert productions yields excellent business results.


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