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Action Speaks louder than words - TV Producer -Sinoxolo Bulana

With a can do attitude, and pioneering the way for the young black women, Sino Bulana sets the scene for her career in the media industry, ensuring that she's in charge of the narrative. Setting her eyes on the goal, this lady runs a race with a winning mind set. Check out the story so far here --->

The rolling credits

Demonstrating she was destined for the media industry, from an early age, Sino's very first production at the age of 17 was televised on SABC 2. From that point her credits just keep rolling. Too many to fit into a 4 minute blog, and a mix of studies and practical as well as accolades for productions. So in summary, here's some of the amazing things this lady has achieved.

Script writing, production work, pitching producing and life skills

National Certificate Sound Technology

Radio Producer

National Certificate Film and TV Level 4

National Certificate Film and TV level 5

TV producer for Hectic 99

Manager/Team leader for Ripple Effect EC

BA Motion picture honours degree

Lecturer TV production

Sino has also at The Encounters Film Festival, Silicon Valley Film Festival and The Tri-Continental Film Festival and recently represented South Africa at the Deauville Green Awards Film festival 2018 in France.

Sino is also currently studying towards her masters degree....and the list goes on

The Story Board

I have been a rather interesting child, from how I would want my mom to dress me to how I'd carry myself.  I have always liked the arts and being creating. I remember how I used to embarrass my mom, she would take me with to town, I would start singing freedom songs and dance to music and people would give me money(LOL) this used to embarrass my mom. From there I moved on public speaking at school and at church. I enjoyed things that would make me think and be creative.

Writing her first script at the age of 17, which was aired on SABC 2's series Nab'Ubomi, was the starting point that set Sino up for a career in the film and TV industry

"My parents always knew I would end up in the creative industry. It was no surprise when I wrote my first script in grade 11 and entered a film competition, which landed  my short film on TV. . ".

And Action.....

Landing an internship with the very same company that she shot her first film with, Sino continued to pursue her love for the film and television. Coming to the realization that the more skill she had, the more she could achieve, she got to go to Johannesburg and work on an SABC funded training program, and shortly thereafter to enhance her skills further she undertook a short program in sound. As in most cases the road of life does not run smoothly, and Sino discovered during this program, that she was being retrenched from her film position. Undeterred, in her plan, and with hard work and vision, she upgraded her short sound course to a full national certificate, getting the rest of her course sponsored, and took a small detour in her over all plan, which proved to be another skill she could utilize in her film and TV productions. Before you decide that "it's alright for some" and that privilege opens doors, we interrupt this blog for a quick announcement: Everything that Sino has achieved on her journey has been accomplished through hard work and determination, every opportunity offered was due to her standing out, going the extra mile with her effort and work, and that paid off. Even from her teen years, she realised that she had a choice to see 'curve balls' as a failure or as a

opportunity to strength her resolve. She chose option two.

" As much as I have always been creating, I have always been disciplined. After my short film played TV I went and landed an internship at a production company, I got to learn more there and got an opportunity to work on so many productions to discover my skills etc:

And so, Sino's journey continued and after graduating with A National Certificate in Sound Technology, she found her self in the world of radio, where she worked as a radio producer for a local community radio station. Working at each stage to hone her skills within the industry, as well as life in general. Working with personalities, meeting deadlines, understanding broadcast quality requirements. Mastering this world, and gaining many friends, as well as experience, Sino then applied, and was accepted on a documentary making program, on a bursary. This particular training company putting emphasis on work and reward, Sino quickly mastered her craft and based on merit she was awarded a second year of study, and then an opportunity to open her own small production company funded by this training company and the European Union. This saw Sino, return to the Eastern Cape, managing a team of her peers, where, through this venture, she learn't much in the world of running your own small business. Under this umbrella she was commissioned by ETV to complete a documentary about a female boxer which aired in 2014. All these skills and experiences leading her to the path she walks today

That's a Wrap

The common thing with everything I have done is discipline and putting in the work honestly.

Being offered a job in the TV production arena in the industry hub of Capetown, Sino later returned to the mother city where she worked on a prominent TV show, producing daily shows. This offered Sino much more insight into the industry, and led her to the direction she is currently taking. Currently a TV production lecturer, and undertaking her masters degree, Sino also owns her own production company as well.

"I think I have come to understand the notion of setting goals for yourself and believing that you can actually reach your goals. I don't have limits but I am practical about getting to the goal. I stay dreaming, it keeps me alive. I have overcome a lot, the first destroyer of achieving anything is self doubt and finances. I have came to understand those can be crippling and that the mind and action is what you actually need to move forward."

The Final credits

To those inspired to follow in her foot steps Sino says. "The journey has nothing to do with where you are from, it has everything to do with where you want to be"


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