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Along Came Polly- In the Spotlight - Director Polly Cordell

Along came Polly, the social media handle for RAPP director and Wireless station manager Polly Cordell. An apt phrase that really sums her up. Need training, advice, or a good cup of coffee..then Along came Polly. Fondly referred to by learners as mumma Pol, this lady also prefers a seat in the background...So, pressing the Ejector button and moving her to the front for a few minutes we've brought her into the spotlight

The Shameless Punt! Once described as a Jack of all trades, Polly holds, (amongst others) qualfications in Child Care, Sound Engineering, Pastoral Care, Copywriting, Freelance Journalism and is currently completing a diploma in Media Law. An assessor and faciltator for sound and radio courses, Polly is a gifted writer in many spheres. From educational content in radio and sound, to adverts for big brands like Honda, as well as published poetry and international blogs. She has worked as a voice over artist on National radio stations, E-learning and station drops, and has a real flare for photography. Check out her photos:



and here

Instagram: @alongcamepollycreative

In the beginning

" I've always loved being creative, and I love writing, but my marks for English in high school were terrible"

Born and raised in a small village outside of Oxford in the UK. Polly now resides in Port Elizabeth South Africa, and is the training director of Radio Active Productions Publishing, a sound and radio training company. Along with the responsibilities of the training Polly manages an online radio station. She is also a director of a media company. Confessing that she loves all things creative Polly reflects on where she is today. " I've always loved being creative, and I love writing, but my marks for English in high school were terrible. I stayed on a year, to try and improve my marks and went from an E grade in English to a B grade. I don't think my ability changed, I think my teacher at the time Miss Lidstone, cultivated my potential, and the results were tangible. That was a life time ago for me, but those years stick with you. You're led to believe that high school results are for life, it's quite mad actually, to think at 16 years old you should have the next 50 odd years of you life planned out. Now I'm writing all kinds of copy from learning material to blogs, I've had some poetry published and have written adverts for some big named brands. It makes a big difference when your teacher believes you can, even when you're not even sure of yourself. I try to be like that with the learners that come through our doors, see the potential and cultivate it. So Miss Lidstone if your ever get to read this blog..Thank you..Your legacy continues! :)"

After leaving school Polly worked in various fields, in mental health, in child care as a pastoral care worker, Youth worker, and a whole lot of other roles. A very different space to the one she works in today. Having worked in the sound, radio and media industry for 16 years, Polly feels like she's found her niche' and the path that's led her here, has added valuable expereinces for the role she does today. " Somebody once described me as a jack of all trades, and at the time I wasn't sure how I felt about that, I wanted to be 'great at something', but since working in media, I see how useful the jack of all trades badge is, and I'm okay with it. No two day's are the same..and that keeps it interesting"

An English (Wo)man in SA

The path from child care to media, from a small village in the Uk to South Africa has been a beautiful adventure for Polly. "You'd think that moving to a whole new country thousands of miles away from where you grew up would be a culture shock, but I don't think I experienced that, South Africa feels like home". Having invested in the company she works at Polly alongside business partner Bronwen, have worked to build it and grow it to where it is today. "I have learn't so much in the building of the company. We started training in one classroom in another training provider's premises, from there, we rented our own small space, and taking small steps of faith, we built up the business to where it is today. When you have a small business, there are often tasks you learn to do yourself because of budget. Thank God I'm a Jack of all trades, I learn't so much in the early days, from on point business propsals to building websites. You can teach yourself most things if you have the motivation"

When speaking of the moments that stand out Polly says:

"What a beautiful crazy walk it is, I've had the chance to work with our learners as tech crew when Celine Dion came to town, with artists in the studio, and we even got to meet Arch Desmond Tutu when he agreed to be in our music video. In all of it though, the best part is all the learners I get to meet, to watch them grow and succeed...That really is the best part. I'm so blessed!"

Words of wisdom

“In a world where you can be anything. Be Kind.”

Polly smiles as she quotes Jennifer Dukes Lee . "Yeah, I know, it's a little cheesy, but seriously, life seems to be a series of connections with people, whether it's business, or teaching, or even shopping we have to connect. We're all on a journey and none of us gets out alive. A little kindness never hurt anyone"

Faith Isn't Faith until it's all your holding on to

At the end of the day, Polly attributes her faith in God, as what keeps her motivated. Her final words. "I guess I've learnt in all things that nothing is garuanteed, not your health, your job or even your wellbeing. Everything can change in a blink of and eye....But in all things there's God. His faithfulness is sure, safe and never fails "


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