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Programming on The Wireless is planned solely with the listener in mind.  Each of our shows are crafted from conception to completion, with a thorough research and understanding of what content the listeners want to hear.  This means that our programming is structured, but varied.


Radio is the theatre of the mind; television is the theater of the mindless.

Steve Allen

So You Wanna Be on Radio?

The Wireless was birthed out of a desire to not only ensure radio staff were trained to the highest standard,  but to profile radio station talent.  From presenters to the many behind the scenes staff, The Wireless strives to ensure that the station environment offers contunual learning and profiling opportunities.  This part of our website is dedicated to tips and tricks to help you in your radio journey.  You can also check out our associated training company RAPP Here ->

So You Wanna Be in Radio

In The Spotlight

Often our focus and attention are so much on the A list celebrities on our social media feeds, that we fail to see the many successes that happen right in front of us.  This blog is dedicated to those that continue #thehustle despite the challenge, and deserve to be #inthespotlight

In The Spotlight
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